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I was often the one at a wedding being asked to help put on the boutonnieres. After attending a wedding years ago, there were three of us trying to put on this one boutonniere and at the end of the evening, I noticed the boutonniere laying on a table and I thought to myself, "Why are we still using pins?" 

As my sister is a florist, I knew exactly who to ask. Over a cup of tea, I asked her why florists don't use magnets. She said that there were magnet products available, but they were very challenging to design with and they were not strong enough. So we grabbed a napkin and a pencil and the concept of the first BoutSTIX was designed.

BoutSTIX quickly became a trusted brand with florists and over the first 10 years, we would improve the design two more times to the perfected design it is today.

BoutSTIX is available in the USA and Canada and is used on the hit TV show, 'The Bachelorette'!