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Seasonal Fall Flowers and Their Meanings

Fall is the season when leaves change color and flowers start to bloom. What’s not to love about the fall season? Flowers that bloom in this season are worth bringing a new life into any home and gifting loved ones. Below are our top 4 picks for flowers that shine during the fall season. 


The pansy is a beautiful little flower that is well-loved for its charm and versatility. Pansies usually bloom during the fall between the months of October and February. It symbolizes loving thoughts, love in idleness, remembrance. Pansy flowers usually come in pastel blue and orange tri-colors which represent a gentle tenderness. 

In Victorian England, the pansy flower was used for secret courting.  Any display of love or passion was severely frowned upon and in order to communicate to potential romantic partners the  pansy was employed. 


Chrysanthemums have a strong association with happiness and cheer. They are usually a year-round flower, but in autumn they come in stunning shades of orange, burgundy and yellow. Red toned Chrysanthemums can flower throughout September and October, ensuring you get to enjoy their stunning colors and display during this season. In addition, they are considered as the symbol of the sun in Japanese culture. As the petals of the chrysanthemum unfold, they are formed in a unique and well organized shape which represents perfection and detail. 

Toad Lily

Toad Lily flowers are small in size but possess a tremendous amount of power. They start to bloom as soon as the summer fades away. Toad lilies have a beautiful speckled pattern and come in shades of purple. Their prime months are September, October, and November but they can also bloom prior to that. Toad Lilies commonly symbolize fertility and are of high value in some native communities. 


Cosmos flowers are often used to symbolize order and harmony, due largely to the flower's harmonious petals. Usually, they start blooming at the end of summer and the beginning of fall. They come in either white or bright shades of pink, orange, and yellow. 

Cosmos are the main birth flower for the month of October. In addition, they have a very pleasant smell, which combined with their peaceful look, can make a great present for a loved one. Fun fact, there is a variant of the Cosmos flower called the chocolate Cosmos which actually smells like chocolate!