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How To Slam Your Floral Sales Goals

Opening a flower shop, like any business, requires lots of hard work, love, and dedication, and some good information. Being a floral shop owner comes with all the challenges and responsibilities that it takes to make it a success. Utilizing great marketing techniques can put you in the right direction when trying to maximize your sales and profits. Below are our top 3 tips to slam your floral sales goals and run a successful floral business. 

Use clever promotions and sales.

Don’t make the mistake of underestimating a good floral shop's reputation and remember that shops with established names can easily negotiate better pricing to beat yours. So, be strategic, and offer promotions and sales to make your prices more competitive and appealing to new customers. A great example of this would be having discounted prices on out-of-season flowers, offering special promotions on bundle shopping, and creating a loyalty program where you offer a discount after a certain amount of purchases! These are all great ways to keep your floral shop up and running in the competitive floral market. 

Use influencer marketing.

Influencer marketing is on the rise in today's digital age. Consumers require multiple touchpoints with a brand to convert, which means that influencer content amplified by performance marketing combines the best of both from these powerful marketing strategies. Influencers are your content production. They create native ads and even regular content  that tends to resonate better with consumers, which, in turn, can enhance your advertising performance and improve overall conversion. When it comes to utilizing influencer marketing in the floral industry, this could come in the form of influencer giveaways. Here @Scottsflowersnyc shows a great example of how instagram giveaways work for the floral industry, by offering a free floral arrangement to one lucky winner. This will not only make your business appealing to new customers but will also engage your existing clientele to engage on a much higher level! 

Offer unique tools and solutions like Boutstix magnets! 

Offering unique tools and solutions will definitely help you skyrocket your sales. Boutstix floral magnets are used for boutonnieres and corsages instead of traditional pins and needles. Boutstix magnets are made with the most reliable magnets in the industry. They are quick and easy to use and won't leave holes or tears in fine fabric. Florists using Boutstix can trust that their floral piece will be in good hands from the first photo to the last dance. To learn more about Boutstix floral magnets, head over to and place an online order today!