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How to Choose a Floral Magnet for Your Next Design


Can we all agree that using pins for corsage and boutonniere fastening is so yesterday? From the limitations pins place on shape and size of the design to the hassle your clients experience trying to pin the thing on their big day (and pray it stays up), pins are nothing but a headache. Not to mention the damage they cause to beautiful (and often pricy) formal clothing!

There are plenty of floral magnets on the market to choose from - but you probably don’t have the time to source and try each one. So we’ve done the homework for you! We’ve looked at every major floral magnet manufacturer and analyzed their pros and cons so you can make an informed decision.

What to Think About When Choosing a Floral Magnet

There are a lot of things to consider when you’re thinking about using floral magnets instead of pins for your next design. You want to make sure the magnets are strong enough to hold up your design - the last thing you want is the boutonniere losing hold and ending up on the ground with no Plan B for your clients. That's a recipe for a poor review, a refund or at the very least - a client who won’t come back. So strength is crucial. Bonus point - a design that doesn’t swivel means a picture-perfect boutonniere all day long.

You also want to make sure that the design of the magnet is easy to work with - for you and for your clients. Ideally you want something that won’t add too much bulk to the design and that requires minimum effort on your part. Time is of the essence, especially during the buddy prom and wedding seasons. You also want to choose something that is easy for your client to handle on their big day - nothing too small or complicated. 

Finally, you’ll want to consider the price and value trade off. Pins have always been cheap and widely available, but they come with a fair share of complications. Paying a bit more for a magnet could mean a significantly better experience for your clients, which increases the value of your boutonniere and gives you a competitive edge. Your clients will be grateful for a “stick it and forget it” design that looks flawless all day long - and will be more likely to recommend you!

Our Choice for Best Overall: BoutStix

Somewhat predictably, we think our floral magnets are the best on the market - and it’s not just our opinion! It’s the time and effort that went into researching and developing the most reliable floral magnets. We use some of the strongest commercially available magnets for an uncompromised hold. Our design uses two magnets of equal strength for a strong, non-swivel hold. The magnets are just big enough to hold and fasten comfortably and just small enough to remain invisible. Since it’s easy to apply, remove and re-apply the BoutStix magnets, photoshoots are easier and your customers will get more from the boutonniere, which increases their value! The stick design of BoutStix is purposely the same color as the flower stems, and the matte appearance is easy to conceal for photos and general wear. BoutStix is sold online, on Amazon and at every major American wholesaler. 

Best for Crafts: Lomey Corsage Magnets

For a DIY crafter looking for a lower price point, Lomey magnets offer decent reliability and flexibility. The thicker magnet is fairly strong, though the companion magnet is as thin as a dime, making is tricky to handle and less reliable. These magnets have to be glued to the design, so keep that in mind when designing your arrangement - you’ll need a glue-friendly surface and very reliable glue to ensure the magnet stays in place. The thin bottom magnets makes this option less suitable for thick fabric, so be sure to test it on a lapel before you hand it over to your clients. These magnets are distributed by Oasis and are easy to find at major wholesalers. 

Wrap-Around Magnet: Stemson’s Corsage Magnets

These magnets come attached to a wire that can be wrapped around or wired to the design - so keep the extra application time in mind. The wiring will swivel if it’s not attached well, resulting in a sideways corsage or boutonniere. The magnet surface area is fairly small, which is more suitable for minimalist and light designs to ensure the magnets hold up. This magnet is more suitable for a corsage than a boutonniere - since the magnet is in the center of the wire, both ends will have to be manipulated, which might be more work than it is worth. 

Most Budget-Friendly: Fitz Design Floral Magnets

At a low unit price, this is the go-to choice of budget-conscious floral designers. But sometimes you get what you pay for. While these products are very widely available and easy to get in a pinch, the placement of the magnets near the bottom create a bulky stem and are difficult for the florist to conceal. At the same time, the magnets are simply magnetized metal, making them less reliable when used with a bulky design or thick fabric. The magnets are also known to fall out - so glue them to the stick for extra reassurance.