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Here Are Three Things You Can Do To Impress and Delight Your Floral Clients

Working in the flower business can be such fulfilling and enjoyable work! Who doesn’t like beautiful flowers that can easily make just about anyone’s day? Especially if they are given as a gift.

But most people know, running a flower business can be very demanding. The world is competitive. There are many large retailers that sell flowers, lots of online order merchants that can cut profits. Getting people into your Flower Shop can take time and creativity, especially with the many options available for your customer’s attention online and with other store front businesses.

Impressing clients is definitely not an easy task! You have to go above and beyond to get their satisfaction in your services. Below are our top 3 tips you can do to impress and delight your floral clients.

Make Their Life Easier

Provide planning tools and templated orders that take care of the details ahead of time. Providing planning tools is a great way to double the service while minimizing on time! It takes away the added pressure from your clients to find planners or to do their own planning when they are already overwhelmed with other things. Templated orders are also effective in giving your clients the ultimate suggestions and will sure impress them in the long run.

Get Personal

Include a personalized note thanking them for their business. Writing a personalized note or letter is a great way to make your client remember you for days to come. This will also help differentiate you from other floral businesses and shows an act of kindness. You never know your clients might have really needed that thankful note!

Think Three Steps Ahead 

For elegant problem solving, use innovative tools such as Boutstix magnets. Clients love new tools that can save them time and effort. Boutstix magnets are innovative such that they replace traditional pins and needles when placing boutonnieres onto clothing. Boutstix provides an easier installation, and prevents damage to the garments in use. This will definitely leave a positive impact on your clients and keep them delighted.