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Getting Your Floral Shop Ready for the Holidays

The holiday season is almost here! The busyness of the season is probably starting to make itself known - so here are some smart planning tips to help you get through this feeling prepared and confident. You got this!

🎄 Order supplies right now - There’s no time like the present to get all the supplies you’ll need throughout the holidays. Check last year’s orders and make sure you’re prepared. If you order enough now, you’ll avoid rush shipping charges later in the season. Psst - great time to check your BoutStix stock and head to your wholesaler of choice!

🎄 Encourage pre-books - It’s never too early to pre-book flower orders for the holidays. Tell your customers that they can pre-book now so you can save by having the right supplies and staffing levels to get you through the rush. There will always be last-minute orders, but this helps you keep a handle on the stress!

🎄 Update your channels - including website, social media and Google listings. If you have holiday hours, let people know. Get your team to submit holiday time off requests early so you can still get the support you need. Add some holiday flair to your online presence to get your customers in the mood to browse the holiday offerings.

🎄 Revisit your marketing - Think about the things that will make you stand out this season - whether its your flower selection or multicultural holiday arrangement offerings, focus on things that make you the florist of choice. Maybe you've honed your dried floral arrangements to fit the minimalist holiday aesthetic, or maybe you're known for symbol-laden centerpieces. Whatever it is, snap some photos and videos and take to the channels. Stick to the ones you know to save time on learning curves - but add learning networks like TikTok and BReal to your New Years Resolutions list.