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Everything You Need to Know About This Season’s Biggest Trend: Microweddings

I’m sure you all heard of microweddings by now, especially that the pandemic is a deciding factor to how many guests you can have over. Typically a microwedding will host a lower capacity involving the invitation of fewer guests to your special day. Usually this does not exceed 50 guests. 

What is a microwedding?

A microwedding isn’t just a beautiful option, it’s a budget-flexible and intimate alternative to the traditional wedding. Generally, micro weddings will include features of a larger traditional wedding with the main difference being that it is on a smaller scale typically with a less strict vibe. Prior to 2021, many couples across the world were choosing micro weddings in opposition to traditional weddings due to the lower costs and more relaxed nature. Instead of providing for hundreds of wedding guests, a micro wedding lets you provide for a limited number, reducing your financial outgoings and costs per invited person. This would allow you to either save the money you would have spent on a bigger wedding to perhaps go on a more exciting honeymoon, or maybe buy the house you’ve been dreaming of, or spend that cost difference on more extravagant wedding food and decor such as detailed floral design schemes.   

What are some benefits of micro weddings other than the cost?

One of the many benefits of micro weddings is freedom and quality time. Big traditional weddings can come with a whole host of formalities, expectations and tasks. However, micro weddings offer the freedom of thinking creatively outside the box. There are no requirements for huge guest numbers needed to be entertained and accommodated, or the stress of formal wedding traditions. 

In addition to added freedom, the small number of wedding invites gives you the time to really interact with your guests. This eliminates the hassle of welcoming hundreds of people and wasting so much time trying to get to everyone. A micro wedding also allows for a more relaxed overall atmosphere. Less guest interaction allows more time for quality conversations and fun memories on your special day.

How to choose floral arrangements for a microwedding?

Flowers are incorporated in a plethora of ways when it comes to weddings. Your microwedding will allow for your guests to pay more attention to the details of your decor and floral arrangements. If you are able to host a small reception for the invites, consider creating a detailed, statement tablescape. The largest portion of the floral budget is usually spent on reception decor. With only a few tables to decorate, you can really up the attention in this area without going over budget. Combining bountiful florals, candles and other design elements will leave your guests with a memorable impression of the decor and create a wonderful ambiance for your microwedding. 

Another way flowers can be incorporated in a unique and elegant way in your microwedding is through floral corsages and boutonnieres . A corsage is a form of floral jewelry (bracelet) that’s worn by a female member of the wedding party. Traditionally, a floral corsage is a piece that honors the mother, mother in law, and any other important female guests. 

There are two types of corsages popular at weddings; the wrist corsage and the pin corsage (boutonnieres). Due to the nature of wedding dress fabric, a pin-on corsage can snag the threading of the dress causing holes, which is why most women shy away from them and prefer the wrist kind. However, there is a solution for this tedious problem. Did you know that you can solve the problems caused by boutonnieres by using a Boutstix! 

Boutstix are strong, dependable magnets for fastening floral boutonnieres and corsages. Boutstix uses two magnets of equal strength and size for a strong and sturdy hold. The magnets are just big enough to hold and fasten comfortably and just small enough to remain invisible. They also do not leave any holes or loose threads on your gorgeous wedding garments like traditional pin boutonnieres  would do. 

Top 2021 trends for floral corsages and boutonnieres

Since the fewer number of guests will definitely have their eyes on the bride and groom the whole night, it is important to choose the corsage and boutonnieres details wisely. 2021 is not a year shy of floral trends. 2021 spiked the resurgence of bold statement pieces. A top choice would be peonies as they always leave their magical mark. 

Another big trend is mixing textures. Mixing different flower textures adds great depth and makes the corsage more interesting to look at. Lastly, creating something unconventional and creative such as a cascade in the form of a long corsage wristlet brings a modern yet interesting visual to the microwedding.