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Who is Vera Wang?

Vera Wang is a fashion icon, particularly on the wedding scene. She has consistently pushed boundaries to develop couture gowns that most women can afford – not just the rich and famous. Her designs are known for being innovative and highly wearable, which can be noted in some of her most recent gown collections that sport blush pinks and peaches, rather than tradition whites.

This native New Yorker of Chinese decent, was schooled in Paris and received her art history degree from Sarah Lawrence College. What many may not know is that Wang was an avid figure skater from a very young age and even competed in the 1968 US figure skating championships. Although she did not make the Olympic team, she was featured in Sports Illustrated. It was after this that she turned her passions to fashion – although she never truly left skating behind. Today she is still known for designing stunning figure skating costumes for a number of professional clients.

Wang has garnered countless awards, including Womenswear Designer of the Year. Despite her popularity amongst brides, she is also very popular amongst celebrities, with her gowns frequenting red carpets from the Emmys to the Oscars.

Vera is a highly sought after design name in the bridal fashion world, and since she teamed up with David’s Bridal in 2011, her gowns have become more widely available to the masses. The unbelievably affordable gowns range from $600 to $1,400, making this designer well within reach of the modern bride – regardless of budget.

Vera Wang has bridal boutiques, fashion houses and has even dipped her toes into the home décor world. Her eye for trends and what defines the modern woman has made her a must-watch designer and her designs themselves, must-haves.

Vera has appeared as herself in a variety of films and television shows, highlighting how well known she has become to the everyday woman. While most designer fashions are desired across the board by everyone, very few can afford much more than a scarf or a hand bag. Vera Wang has thrown caution to the wind and made herself a household name through her accessible fashions. The craziest part about Vera Wang is that her designs aren’t some middle class creations specifically tailored to please the majority. Her work is beautiful, luxurious and designed with the quality and craftsmanship you would expect from such a renowned name – the only difference is that Vera doesn’t feel the necessity to charge you $10,000 for one of her pieces.

Vera Wang is an incredible fashion designer with a mantle full of accolades and a closet filled with gowns that have made television history on the red carpet. She has a true sense of what women want and how their tastes in fashion have and are continually developing. Her skill for fashion has made her one of the most sought after wedding dress designers in the industry, and the fact that she designs dresses for even the most budget-conscious bride makes her that much more loved by women everywhere.