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Respect the suit! :)

What goes into making beautiful clothes? Quite a lot, actually. First the designer must go to school to learn pattern drafting, how to work with a wide variety of materials, sketching, design, fashion history, draping and more. They must pass their courses, do a practicum and/or gain work experience. Every step is a fight for recognition in a highly competitive industry, especially when designing for men.


Menswear designers have and very hard job. There are countless styles and options for women but menswear designers must constantly learn new ways to make the basic suit, tuxedo, dress shirt and pant look refreshed and trendy.


Several types of fabrics are used for men’s suits.


  • Linen is light and best suited for summer.


  • Cotton is also light and “breathable”, making it another great summer choice.


  • Polyester has a bad reputation and for a good reason! While you can get a decent polyester suit, the material is not as breathable and will be hot and uncomfortable on warm days. It is also a cheaper fabric, lowering the elegance and value of the suit.


  • Wool is the most common material for men’s suits. Wool is extremely versatile and can be blended with other fabrics to vary the look and texture.


A man needs a good suit as part of his wardrobe. This suit should be high-quality, fit well and be trendy without looking outdating within the next two years. Like a women’s “little black dress”, the suit is an investment; a purchase that demands care and attention. Even if you are simply renting a suit for an occasion, as a man you still need to pay attention to the tailoring, fabrics and fit. When you take the time to select the right one, you will be amazed at how good a suit will make you look and feel.


Suits and boutonnieres go hand in hand. Graduations, weddings, and funerals are occasions where a man will suit up and attach a boutonniere. The problem is, you are taking this wonderful suit that was born from the imagination and hard work of a designer, carefully crafted from ideal fabrics, tailored to fit your body and invested in financially by you – and you are poking a hole in it! The pins used to attach boutonnieres puncture, rip and tear fabric to the point where many tux rental companies have to replace suit lapels because they come back looking like Swiss cheese. It’s no easy feat to pin a boutonniere. It usually takes several frustrating stabs and each attempt creates more damage. A new lapel on a suit is akin to a paint patch on a car. You can get the colours, textures and look close, but it’s not exact and it will affect the look and value of the suit.


BoutStix is the best way to keep your investment looking and feeling great. Instead of poking holes in your suit, the magnetic floral stick holds firmly without fail until you release the magnets. Your suit works hard for you so do it a favour and use BoutStix to protect your investment.


Planning a wedding, attending a prom or ushering/pallbearer at a funeral? Ask your florist to use BoutStix. Your suit will thank you!