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Cheers to the little things!

BoutStix is tiny device that has made a huge impact in my life and the lives of those that love the pin-free convenience of this amazing little floral magnet. That is why my slogan is “Cheers to the Little Things!” It’s often the smallest things that make the biggest difference, so let’s take a moment to cheer for some of those “little things”.

  1. The lunchbox note: When you were a kid, did your mom or dad leave a little love note in your lunch box? That simple slip of paper could put a smile on your face that lasted for hours! Who says lunch box notes are just for kids? They have the same impact when slipped into the lunchbox of our friends, spouses or co-workers.


  1. Lipstick: It’s a tiny tube but with just one swipe it can make us look sultry, sexy, playful or polished. Have you heard of the lipstick index? Coined by Estee Lauder board chairman Leonard Lauder, the lipstick index indicated that women would spoil themselves with lipstick instead of pricey outfits or shoes during times of economic downturn. His theory hasn’t held up under scrutiny, but who among us can deny how great the perfect shade of lipstick makes us feel?


  1. A flower: Some have thorns, some are expensive, some grow wild and some are carefully cultivated as prized crops. No matter where they come from or how you receive them, flowers have the clout to evoke powerful emotions. An unexpected rose from your significant other? Tears (of joy of course). A bouquet in sympathy? Tears (of gratitude). A wedding bouquet? Tears (of bliss). Ok, maybe flowers just make us cry….but in so many good ways!


  1. Cells: They are too small to see but without them, nothing living would exist. You are made up of trillions of cells and each one has a function. Isn’t it mind-blowing to know the very lives of everything on this planet are dependent on something invisible to the naked eye?


  1. Smile: Smiles are contagious and they are worth catching. A smile can brighten the darkest day. Try one on and share it with everyone.


  1. Baby giggles: Oh wow, does this one even need explanation? The look on a baby’s face of pure delight, the eyes opening up wide, the toothless grin and then wait for it….that adorable giggle! Warm fuzzy overload! Nothing compares to the sweet innocence and laugh of a baby. It’s more than adorable. It melts the heart.


  1. Microchips: These tiny devices are found in everything from our computers to our phones and even in our home appliances. If it’s an electronic, it probably has a microchip. If these tiny devices were to disappear, we would miss our many conveniences.

There are so many little things that enrich our lives. Some are scientific, some are found in nature, some are just a feeling – but all deserve a cheer.