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3 Must-Have Florist Tools to Elevate Your Designs

There are so many tools and supplies available for florists, it can be overwhelming to choose what you actually need! Floral designers need to use the right tools in order to deliver arrangements that are high quality. Using the wrong tool can be disastrous and can waste your precious time. But, don’t worry, we have researched and gathered all the information necessary to find the 3 must-have tools for you to elevate your designs as a florist.  


  • A flower frog: Whether you’re an experienced floral designer or a new flower shop owner looking to experiment with more intricate flower arranging techniques, flower frogs are a floral arranger’s best friend. Flower frogs sit as a base inside the floral container or vase in the water and are traditionally known for their use in the Japanese art of floral design, ikebana. They’re reusable, durable, eco-friendly, and lend themselves to helping you create lush floral designs. Secure this round floral pin frog at the bottom of your vase to anchor stems inside containers that are too shallow or wide to give adequate support. There are various types of flower frogs. Generally, the type of flower frog used in most floral designs is a traditional flower frog made of metal pins. Metal flower frogs allow for the most variation and adaptability in stem placement. Stems can be placed in between the metal pins or directly on a pin, with the pin working to hold floral stems upright. Because the pins are made from metal, they are sturdy and can hold your flower stems upright for a very long time. 

  • Boutstix Floral Magnets: Forget using traditional pins and needles when creating beautiful corsages and boutonnieres just for them to fall apart in a matter of minutes, or poke holes into delicate fabrics. Boutstix floral magnets replace traditional pins, and are a revolutionary tool every florist needs to elevate their floral designs. They are made with the most reliable magnets in the industry. Boutstix magnets are quick and easy to use and won't leave holes or tears in fine fabrics. Each BoutStix includes a double-magnet for a strong, non-swivel hold. They are also very discrete and will not be seen through the flowers. 

    Florists using Boutstix can trust that their floral piece will be in good hands from the first photo to the last dance, and will never fall or come apart.

  • Chicken wire: No sophisticated flower arrangement would be complete without some floral netting or wiring. If you haven’t heard of floral chicken wire already, it is a tool many florists use that replaced floral foam which is a petroleum-derived product that can’t be reused and contains formaldehyde. Chicken wire is used to support the shape of your floral arrangement if there is no vase to support it or if the container is not deep enough. Floral Chicken Wire can be cut-to-size and used for centerpieces, large urns, or floral installations, as well as smaller floral designs. It is also eco-friendly and reusable making it one of our top recommendations if you want to elevate your floral designs to the next level. 

These are our top 3 products every florist needs to elevate their floral designs to a higher and more sophisticated level. Of course, there are many other floral design tools that can help you save time and work more efficiently!