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3 Floral Trends Your Clients Will Ask For This Fall

2020 was definitely a slow year when it came to the floral industry due to many factors such as limited social gatherings in regards to Covid-19 policies , however this year is definitely taking a brighter direction.

Many fall 2021 weddings were supposed to be 2020 weddings, and one of the many adjustments couples have to face is that their dream florals may no longer be in season. Thus, fall 2021 is forecasted to bring in some of the most unique  floral trends out there that will be remembered for years to come. Below are the 3 top floral trends your clients will ask for this fall! 

  • Dry floral arrangements: people are starting to move away from the ‘Pinterest aesthetic’ for wedding design. Instead, they are thinking more about bringing their own personality and touches to it. Dry floral arrangements are predicted to have a peak moment throughout this upcoming fall since they can be individually unique as well as sustainable. Dry floral arrangements do not have a specific season and can be used year round which makes them a lot more affordable and manageable. 

  • Dark mystic tones: In whatever shape or hue, wedding flowers have always been known to make a statement. But this year, beautiful dark blooms are being taken to the next level. Fall flower arrangements show off some of the season's richest hues. Dark mystic tones are actually untypical for fall, but fall 2021 shows polarities are in demand. Perhaps it is due to the "crazy pandemic year", as people were regularly shaken up and had to show a lot of flexibility. In times of crisis, the world becomes creative and one is more daring for new impulses. A little drama in floral designs is necessary now. Dark mystic tones usually include colours such as deep plums and dark purples, and flowers such as deep Violet Ranunculus and dark roses. 

  • Green and earthy centerpieces: Floral designers are particularly inspired by nature and as predicted by experts in the floral industry, fall 2021 will contain many expressive green unique centerpieces in the trendy "botanical style". Nothing screams fall more than green tones and earthy plants. This trend will not only be a showstopper at your clients wedding but is also very versatile that it is predicted to become a wedding staple substituting the traditional pastel toned centerpieces. In addition, guests at weddings are now spending more time seated at the reception table, therefore this change made the aesthetic of the reception table more of a priority for couples further emphasizing the importance of a unique centerpiece.