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One Thing To Do This Floral Season

With Valentine's Day just a few days away, it's time to look forward to the vibrant and warm promise of spring and the opening of the 2022 floral season. 

Following 2 years of a global pandemic, there is an energy of anticipation in the air. People crave joy, wonder, laughter, togetherness. This will be the signature scent of 2022 - colors that evoke strong positive emotions, fruity floral scents and bursting arrangements that speak to unrestrained happiness. 

Here are three ways to live the mood and delight your clients from the moment they step into the store (online and in-person). 

Do Some Spring Cleaning

You probably already have a branded presence on social media and in person, but it never hurts to review what's working well and update small elements to make a big difference. Update your spring and summer color palette and try new layouts for your Instagram posts. Experiment in your stories and see what people respond to most. In-store, set the mood by allowing as much sunshine as possible and putting your vibrant, colorful blooms front and center. If you can, paint the walls or an accent wall to really let the bright colors shine. 

Stay Ahead of Trends

Did you know tulips are the Flower of the Year for their ability to evoke joy? Stock up on trendy colors and flowers to stay ahead of the trends. Study up on flower meanings and help your clients convey emotion in meaningful ways. Another popular trends among sustainability warriors are dried flowers - try embracing this medium and incorporate it into your gift arrangements as well as apartment-ready arrangements.

Stay Positive

Your positivity and joyful energy is the right kind of contagious. Project positivity, optimism and joy of a warm spring day and you'll notice improvements in not just your mood and health, but also the quality of your client interactions. Flowers have magic and you are the magic curator - embrace your power to bring joy and make memories!

From all of us at BoutStix, wishing you a lovely 2022 floral season!