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10 Things Brides can do to Stay on Budget!

10 Things Brides Can Do to Stay on a Budget

You’re getting married! Congratulations! A wedding is a celebration of love that is shared with friends and family and you are, no doubt, very excited to plan your big day. One of the things that brings many an excited bride crashing back to reality is watching the wedding expenses add up. There are so many things you want for your special day, but you want to stay on budget too. What’s a bride to do?

Don’t fret. There are many ways to save money and still have the day of your dreams. Here are ten things you can do to say on budget.

  1. Make a budget

The first step to staying on budget is to make one. Do a realistic assessment of how much money you have to spend for the wedding, and account for funds coming from your parents and/or the groom’s parents. If you will be financing some of the costs, include a realistic debt repayment plan for items that will be purchased on credit. This will help you choose items and services that fall within your financial plan.


  1. Consider a wedding package vacation

You can combine your wedding and honeymoon with a package from a resort. Sandals, Signature Vacations, Delta Vacations – most of the big travel companies and resorts have a package option. However, you have to consider if you will be asking your guests to purchase their own ticket to the destination or if you and your fiancé will be covering their costs. If you are flying your family and friends out, this option works for small, intimate weddings. If you are asking your guests to pay their own way, consider it a “planned elopement” and do not be offended if anyone cannot or will not pay for the airfare. This is a cost savings to the bride and groom and a great way to have your honeymoon at the same time, but not every guest is willing or able to spring for an impromptu vacation at the time of your choosing.


  1. A cocktail party reception

Instead of booking a large venue with a full sit down meal, DJ and dance floor, consider booking a room in a museum, a nature conservatory or a historical landmark. Serve finger foods and light refreshments and allow your guests to mingle with you and enjoy the location. This option is well suited for those that prefer an informal or afternoon/early evening reception.


  1. Rethink those party favours

Save money on your party favours by thinking outside the box. Pre-made favours can cost you a bundle, but by purchasing promo items (mugs, pens, magnets, etc.) from places like Vistaprint and using your wedding date or engagement photo instead of “business information”, you give a useful, fun gift to your guests. You can even skip the photo in favour of your favourite quote, poem, or hand-drawn artwork.


  1. Make your own invitations

A computer, some stationery from Staples and a little imagination mean personalized invitations at a fraction of the cost of a traditional printing service. If you are not computer savvy, check out any place that does small-run digital printing. They usually have templates where you can simply add your pertinent details.

  1. Prioritize

What is the most important to you? The dress and tuxedo? The flowers? The venue? List what you must purchase and organize in order of importance. You’ll be happier cutting costs on the low priority items.


  1. Cupcakes

If the cost of a traditional cake is weighing you down, consider cupcakes. Cupcakes are super trendy at the moment and allow each guest to have a neat serving without the cutting and plating. (If cutting the cake is something you really want to do, you can always get a small cake and serve it to the head table). Skip the wedding cake baker and head to your local bakery for a price on decorated cupcakes. A few cupcake stands from your local craft/baking store along with a beautiful table cloth will make the “cake table” budget-friendly and unique.


  1. Non-exotic flowers

Buying local, in season flowers can dramatically cut your costs.


  1. Shoes

Does your wedding gown cover your feet? Then you don’t need high-priced shoes. Think comfort. That doesn’t mean flip-flops, but a nice non-designer pump with a comfortable arch will suffice if your feet won’t be showing.


  1. BoutStix

You didn’t think I was going to list ten things and not include these handy floral magnets, did you? You don’t want to pay for damaging a tux and the mothers-in-law and ushers don’t want to poke holes in their wedding-guest attire. Prolong the look of your corsages and boutonnieres while saving pricy fabrics with BoutStix.