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5 Unique Ways to Scale Your Flower Shop

Opening a flower shop or business is a great idea if you are passionate about the floral industry and design! However, owning a flower shop comes with a lot of responsibility and it is not always easy to scale and market your business to take it to the next level. Below is a list of 5 unique ways to scale your flower shop!

  • Focus on your existing clientele
  • You should not focus on getting as many new customers as possible when you're still in the beginning stages of your flower shop. Instead focus on your existing customer experience. Hone your processes and procedures so each customer receives the best experience every time they visit or call your shop. When you focus more on your existing clientele, they will be your best marketing tool in spreading the word about your flower shop and in return bringing a higher return on investment. Showing your existing clientele that you are always available to deliver your best floral work can also be a great way to gain tangible reviews and digital proof of work. By improving your processes and procedures, you not only provide your customer with the very best, but by reducing error, you will also save in avoiding costly mistakes.

  • Turn your shop into a brand
  • You should make efforts to turn your small flower shop into a brand that everyone recognizes. Branding is essential for the growth of your shop as it creates trust between your business and current, as well as potential, customers. In order to turn your flower shop into a scalable trustworthy brand, first you need to have an identifiable logo design that represents your brand vision and tone. It should also be a unique design that stands out from the crowd and lingers into people's memories. 

  • Improve your digital marketing
  • The world of digital marketing is constantly expanding and becoming one of the main sources of scaling businesses no matter what category or niche they fall under. Let’s be real, everyone searches online for flower shops near them before heading out to one. In order to scale your business using digital marketing, you have to connect your branding to your social image. Make sure that your branding and tone is the same across all social media channels and that your social posts are clear and aesthetically pleasing. In addition, you should learn search engine optimization in order to get your flower shop’s website ranking in the top google search pages, as well as through local searches for flower shops nearby. Another great way to utilize digital marketing for scaling your flower shop is to set up email marketing. Once you have enough lead contacts to create a list, you should come up with an email marketing plan to let your customers and potential new customers know of any promotions or deals happening at your shop. 

  • Use gifts to win customers hearts
  • Everyone loves gifts! When customers visit your shop, offer them attractive and useful gifts that would make them want to shop at your flower store again. 

  • Last but not least, expand your services
  • Once you establish your flower shop's identity and brand, you should expand your services to include a variety of new services such as wedding floral designs, corsage and boutonniere designs, special occasion floral sculptures, and many more! Try to make your services uniquely yours in order to give your customers a reason to come back for more.