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5 Bouquet and Boutonniere Care Tips to Pass on To Your Wedding Clients

So the big day has finally arrived, and all the preparations are done, all that is left to do is get ready and walk down the aisle. The morning of the wedding day will be a buzz from artists doing hair to bridesmaids taking pre-wedding pictures, it is a busy time. But you are confident that all the arrangements are perfect and the wedding day will be just as you expected. As the florist, you should take the time to remind your client (and send written instructions) how to care for their wedding florals to keep them in top shape. This handy list will help!

This is a small but very important factor in your wedding. The wedding bouquet and matching boutonniere should look beautiful because they are likely one of the focal points of your pictures and ceremony, and you would want to make sure they stay fresh and fabulous during the ceremony and after. 

The Key To Fresh Flowers Is Hydration 

Like humans, flowers need water too, lots and lots of it. Your florist will probably deliver your bouquets in a vase of water to keep them fresh until the ceremony. You should also try your best to keep the flowers in a vase of water until the last moment, and if you get a break during the wedding where you don’t need your bouquets, place them in the water to increase longevity. 

Towel Dry Damp Stems 

When you take your bouquets out of the water, keep a towel handy, and use it to dry the bottom of the stems before carrying them down the aisle or holding them for photos. This will prevent any water marks on your dress and any dyes that are dripping from the blooms. 

Keep Them Cool

Sunlight can dry out your beautiful flowers and bouquets. Store your flowers in a cool and dry place, especially for the hours leading up to your important event. Boutonnieres should be kept in the fridge, so are the flower crowns and corsages. This goes without saying, but keep your bouquets and flowers away from any light fixtures, fireplaces, and blow dryers before the ceremony. 

Learn How To Hold Them 

When designing, the florist may create a focal area or a front side to enhance the look of your flowers. This is why you should ask your florist to show you how to hold them, so you get the best part of the bouquets in the pictures. Usually, the designs are simple, with ribbons in the front and pins in the back, but if your florist has done something creative, you should ask the proper way to hold them to get those insta-worthy pictures. 

Brush-up Your Boutonnieres 

Most people struggle with fastening the boutonnieres, some planners may assist you in fastening them before the ceremony, but you can’t always count them. Being prepared for this will save you that precious time before the ceremony. If you have any doubts about pins, ask your florists to attach a magnet rather than a pi (hello!) This will give you the ease of fastening and prevent your boutonniere from falling down mid-wedding. 

These are just some handy tips to keep your bouquets and boutonnieres in perfect condition, but the most important thing to remind your clients on their wedding day is to enjoy them!