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3 Ways to Close More Wedding Florals Clients

We all can agree that creating beautiful flower designs is an art, and it should be valued and respected. To showcase this art in the world, it has become essential to treat it as a business. Closing clients, and being recognized has become a part of the florist industry, and all the florists have to comply with this to survive and thrive in the market. In this post, we will look at three ways florists can get and close more clients. 


Stay Up to Date With The Latest Wedding Flower Trends 

Getting clients to the office is a hard enough task, but add the pressure of closing them, and it just becomes all the more difficult. So, you have got the client to your office and wowed them with your previous wedding decorations, but can you keep up with their unique demands? Every client is looking for something different, and if you are not up to date with the latest trends, it can be a deal-breaker for them. 

As a professional florist, you must stay one step ahead of your clients. You should watch all the latest weddings and events and closely study the decorations, as your client can refer to them in the consultation. These arrows in your quiver will allow you to aim for bullseye, and finally close the deal. 

Create The Perfect Ambiance

Clients looking for a professional florist will judge them based on their own office. Creating a beautiful and welcoming atmosphere for your client will drive their confidence in your capabilities. The right amount of lighting, proper seating and a designated space for consultations can work wonders for your business. Stay prepared for every consultation by keeping your previous design ready. 

Florists, by nature, are courteous and friendly folks, so don’t be afraid to show your humble and friendly side to them. Make sure you do your homework before every consultation and give a chance to your clients to communicate their demands. You should be honest with your client in a humble manner and suggest an arrangement without badgering them. 

Start Investing In a Fully-Optimized Website 

One of the most effective ways of getting more clients is through the internet. Yes, we agree everyone is giving the same advice these days, but it does have some truth. According to the Wedding Report, more than 50 percent of brides use the internet to research bridal bouquets.

Conventional methods like flyers and business cards are getting less effective every day. We are not telling you to stop investing in them altogether, but if you really want to connect with the modern customer, you will need an online store. The majority of potential clients are browsing on the webs, in hopes of connecting with the right business. You can use this opportunity by creating a website and making your business visible on the internet. 

After creating a website, you should optimize it as well. Add high-quality pictures of flower designs you created for weddings and all the essential information about your business. Your website should be easy to navigate, so the customers can be aware of all the services you provide. If you want to take it a step further, you can provide an e-commerce store for accepting online orders.