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3 Holiday Trends to Keep in Mind This Year

Holiday season is right around the corner! Nothing would get us more in the season's spirit than beautiful floral arrangements. Like every season, holidays have their own floral trends that take over the show. Below are our top 3 holiday trends to keep in mind when preparing for this year's festivities. 

Setting a gorgeous table for Thanksgiving is all part of the fun, and way more forgiving than the turkey. Flower arrangements elevate the decor. You can choose classic, glowing oranges and red florals for a centerpiece, or even embrace fall floral blooms like thistle and cotton branches. 

Using less traditional flowers that could be given as gifts!

Succulents are maintaining their popularity and usefulness in all kinds of ways. Incorporate less traditional botanicals like earth-toned succulents into your bouquet can be a great idea for Thanksgiving. If you want to spice things a little bit more with this idea, how about a pumpkin holder for the succulents? This idea of incorporating pumpkins has reached mainstream audiences and many decorators are using these for their table centerpieces. In addition, this can also double up as fabulous gifts for your guests to take with them! Besides, no one would say no to a beautiful botanical gift!

Thanksgiving is just the beginning of all the holiday festivities. We can’t forget that a bigger sparkle is awaiting us! Yes, you guessed it right; Christmas! Christmas carries the weight for the most extravagant decorations. 

The latest floral trend for this year's upcoming Christmas is Pinecone Boutonnieres. 

Why stick to the traditional Christmas florals when you can up your game and make beautiful and sustainable Boutonnieres made out of pine cones. You could even include these in your Christmas stockings and as gifts for loved ones. A quick tip is to use Boutstix Boutonniere magnets to keep those pinecone Boutonnieres secure and long lasting. 

Rustic floral decor with a twist!

We have all seen the traditional holiday season decor composed of rustic elements. Rustic farmhouse décor is still popular for the 2021 holidays, but with a modern twist. This season, for example, mantel and staircase garlands may still be decked out in traditional holiday colors such as cranberry reds and lush dark greens. But these will often incorporate natural materials such as fresh Magnolia leaves, pine and cedar, perhaps accented with clear glass ornaments and soft white twinkle lights Another example of this rustic twist is wood ornaments mixed with natural branches on a flocked tree, enhanced with gold bay-leaf garlands and glitzy ribbon will create this year’s elevated rustic look!