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3 Flowers to Incorporate Into Your Summer Wedding Bouquets This Season

Some of the best parts about marrying in summer are the beautiful weather, freedom of wearing any kind of dress, and the enormous choices of flowers. Since summer is the season when most flowers bloom, the brides get to pick any flowers they want for your beautiful day. If you are working on wedding florals between the months of May and September, it means having unlimited choices of flowers in terms of color, scent, size, and even shape. 

Summer weddings are the perfect opportunity to add some rare and seasonal flowers to your bouquets and impress the client. These beautiful designer flowers will translate into unforgettable weddings that will definitely be talked about for a long time to come. Today we are looking at the 3 best flowers that every florist should thinkin about incorporating into a wedding bouquet. 


This flower is the epitome of summer. Truly, you shouldn’t ignore peony if you are getting married in the summer. The beautiful billowing petals and the fresh scent will definitely add that oomph to your wedding. This is the first flower any decent florist would recommend for a summer wedding. You can get peonies in beautiful and vibrant pink, white, and yellow hues. 

These flowers have a refreshing fragrance that will definitely give you value for money. Although these flowers are recommended by several florists, you can only get them for a few weeks from spring to mid-summer.

Garden Roses 

Roses have become synonymous with love. There is no flower more classic and timeless than a rose. These flowers are simple, elegant, and have the most beautiful fragrance. The textured look, delightful scent, and high petals count make these flowers a favorite of brides. These flowers are often recommended by florists because of their timeless qualities and classic appeal. Roses can be a beautiful alternative to peonies. 

They can add freshness and elegance to your bouquet, and the fragrance will truly make you remember every single moment of your big day. Since they are a bit more affordable than peonies, they are perfect for brides who want a wedding on a budget. You can choose from a variety of roses to give a fairy-tale look and feel without burning a hole in your clients' pockets. 


Hydrangeas have been a staple in floral designs for decades, and there is a reason why many florists recommend adding this to the wedding bouquet. This flower holds a personal meaning many brides as this is a common garden flower, and just a whiff of it can bring back so many beautiful memories of childhood. 

These flowers really work when added with other beauties. They are round with a head of four to eight inches, and it makes them the perfect addition to the bridal bouquet. These flowers may require some extra care, but the best part is you can find them all year round. So, if your clients wants a bit of nostalgia or rustic elements at their wedding, hydrangeas will be a perfect choice. 


What are your summer favourites?