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3 Fall Floral Trends to Show Off On Your Instagram

If you are looking for the most on trend floral inspiration, Instagram is the place to look.  Wedding florists are always honing new techniques and developing their style, and with the help of social media platforms such as Instagram, floral trends from around the world are flooding our screens. Regardless of whether you want a wedding that's cool and unique or timeless and classic, the latest floral trends can offer your wedding a more bespoke feel. 2021 is set to be an exciting year for florals, as unique and out of the ordinary trends are taking the spotlight! Fall 2021 is all about excitement and joy, and this definitely shows in the upcoming floral trends. Below are our top 3 fall floral trends to show off on your Instagram. 

  • Bright Orange and Yellow flower arrangements. This upcoming fall is all about loud and bold floral arrangements. It makes a lot of sense for the colors of the season to be bright orange and yellow to match the autumn vibes of falling leaves and Halloween colors. In this post pandemic world, everyone wants the opportunity to make a statement especially in the wedding floral industry as many weddings and events had to be cancelled. Bright yellow flowers like goldenrods and forsythias are known to symbolize celebrations and messages of encouragement, while fiery orange marigolds and zinnias represent positive energy and feelings of excitement. Posting this fall trend on your Instagram will definitely keep all the attention on your account! Who won’t stop to look at and engage with a bright glowing photo of your orange and yellow floral work! 

  • Dried flowers and earthy tones. Fall 2021 is all about sustainability and making flowers last longer. What better way to make flowers last than use dried flowers! Seed pods, dried grasses and a selection of blooms make stunning dried arrangements. The dried flower trend does not have to always be in pale beige tones, in fact more earthy jewel tones are taking the lead now. The wild look or dried floral arrangements will be so popular this fall as it has that environmentally friendly feel, whilst ethereal grasses and dried botanicals are the perfect long-lasting, low maintenance alternative for seasonal floral arrangements. Showing off this floral trend on your Instagram account will create long lasting impressions on your audience keeping them in the loop that you can create stunning designs that do not require fresh flowers. 

  • Hoop bouquets. When it comes to wedding symbolism, circles are universal. They're spatially infinite and represent wholeness, totality, and perfection. Circles also emphasize the idea of union and bringing people together. Hoop installations, which are circle shaped, are replacing traditional bouquets and wedding floral centerpieces. They are also trending as bridesmaids bouquets creating a much more aesthetic feel. Replace traditional bouquets with gold hoops, adorned with eucalyptus, roses, dahlias, or any seasonal flowers you desire. This unique and aesthetic floral trend is definitely insta-worthy and will get clients straight to your direct messages.