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Boutstix Floral Magnet
Boutstix Floral Magnet
Boutstix Floral Magnet


Where to Wear Floral Magnets

How to Wire a Flower

Wiring a flower is the first step in making a boutonniere and corsage. This video walks you through the flower wiring steps.

How To Wire a Flower Part 2

This video will walk you through the steps of wiring flowers before you make a boutonniere or corsage. Enjoy!

How To Make a Boutonniere using Boutstix

This video walks you through the basic steps of making a boutonniere using. This video also shows how to add in a Boutstix Floral Magnet.

Getting Creative with Boutstix

Christine de Beer shows how to make a right-on-trend corsage with Boutstix Magnate Stix, a few twigs, snippets of air plants and succulents.

As Seen on TV

Boutstix As Seen on Bachelorette
Boutstix As Seen on Dragons Den

CAUTION: WEARING A PACEMAKER or ICD? This floral piece contains a magnet and will have an affect on a pacemaker or ICD. We do not recommend this floral piece to be worn with a pacemaker or ICD. Please print and attach a BoutStix label to each boutonniere and corsage from our Media page.