Crafter / Do It Yourself

Planning to make your boutonnieres and corsages?

Tips when using BoutStix

  1. Prior to wrapping, place the magnet as high up behind the flower as possible. Wrapping may start anywhere on the BoutStix. As long as half of the BoutStix stem is wrapped, it will be secure with its unique patented hourglass shape.
  2. BoutStix help keep your bouts/corsages in place during travel. Cut a strip of poster paper and magnet each bout/corsage to the poster paper strip and place in a long rose box.
  3. IMPORTANT: Use our easy-to-print label sheet to attach to each of your bouts/corsages.

CAUTION: WEARING A PACEMAKER or ICD? This floral piece contains a magnet and will have an affect on a pacemaker or ICD. We do not recommend this floral piece to be worn with a pacemaker or ICD. Please print and attach a BoutStix label to each boutonniere and corsage from our Media page.